How To Import Clothes from India

استيراد فساتين من الهند

The idea of ​​importing clothes from India for the purpose of selling locally is not a new idea, but it remains one of the most successful and most profitable ideas. They also make a lot of profits, and some of them sell directly to end-users, making them twice as much as they spend to buy. You can also implement the idea and work to import clothes from India in large quantities, medium or small to sell and make money, but before that you must learn about the market and ways of import and how to clear shipments from customs and how to sell and other matters of importance, and this is exactly what we explain during This post.

Import clothes from India

market study :-
  Most of the Arab markets are selling Indian clothes, whether men, women or children, because of the low price compared to products from other countries as well as products belonging to famous brands, whether global or local, as well as the convergent quality of products from other countries and perhaps some brand One of the reasons that increase the spread of Indian clothing in the Arab markets, and of course the differences in designs is also one of the reasons to contribute to the increase of spread.

The above means that the idea of importing Indian clothes is suitable for different Arab markets, but that does not necessarily succeed. You may import good products and have targeted customers and do not succeed in selling them because of the importers control over the market, so you should study the market where you intend to distribute your products before starting the import process, a market study will reveal to you a lot of important things like,,

Target customers to buy men’s and women’s clothing and children.
  Find out the size of the demand and the size of supply in the target market on clothing men, women and children.
  Know the competitors and their products and the prices they sell to dealers and distributors.
  Determine the production capacity of the project (quantities).
  Gaps and opportunities that can be exploited for the project.
  Based on the information you get from the market study you can determine which products you import (men, women, children) or all of them, as well as you will be able to determine the quantities and sale prices to dealers or end consumers and other things.

Establishing an import and export company

If you are interested in permanently importing clothes from India or working as an importer of many goods, it is necessary to have a license for an import / export office or company in order to legally import goods through sea, air or land ports. You can learn about the steps and documents required to establish an import and export company here.

Ways of importing from India: –

There are several ways you can rely on importing clothes from India or any other products.These methods are presented in detail below and you can choose from them to suit your financial and personal abilities, but before that, I advise you to read the topic of how to import from India in detail to learn how to plan the import process As well as to identify the steps of the import process.

1- Travel to India:

Traveling to India, visiting markets and choosing goods carefully are the best and safest ways to import, but at the same time the most expensive and effortless import methods, you need round-trip air tickets, hotel booking throughout the stay, accommodation, transportation and visa for India (not necessary for some countries).

2- Import via the Internet:

The least expensive and effortless import methods, and perhaps the easiest, but at the same time the most risky, buying from an online dealer or a large site that includes a large number of traders such as Alibaba site needs to understand and awareness, and generally you can reduce the risk to the lowest degree by applying Some tips like ,,

A) Dealing with trusted “verified” suppliers who have been working on the site for at least a year. All this information is available from the merchant’s page.

B) Request to send samples of the products you wish to import to view them on the ground and therefore decide whether they are suitable for importation.

3- Assigning a delegate to buy:

The option to travel to India may be unavailable, and the option of importing clothes from India via the Internet is not preferred for you, in which case you can assign a trusted person such as a friend or relative living in India or a representative dealing with importers and trusted to buy you the goods you need specifications And the appropriate prices to ship to your country via the chosen method, and of course you will get the amount of money agreed upon between you.

4- Dealing with an import company for the benefit of others:
You only need to specify the desired products and instruct the import and export company to import the products you need with the desired specifications and quantities, so you will not make any effort and you will not need to import and export company from the basis, but you will pay the money in return, and in most cases the payment is based on a percentage of the total purchases .

Customs clearance for shipments: –

The importer can clear his consignments by submitting the required documents from the supplier and the importer. But at first we recommend dealing with a customs broker where he has the expertise that enables him to complete customs clearance procedures faster than you as a beginner and he is better than you to solve the problems that may arise and therefore will not be charged by the port so-called floors that may cost you a lot of money, which reduces the margin Your profit.

How to sell products locally: –

If you are importing clothes from India in large or medium quantities for the purpose of selling and distribution to retailers and shop owners, you can rely on some proven and successful marketing methods, such as,

Opening a wholesale clothing office in a commercial area to be distributed to shops and traders in the area.

2- You can commission marketing representatives to offer samples of products to merchants and shops around the city and encourage them to deal with you.

3 – You can make advertising offers online or in one of the advertising magazines to increase your customers and sales.

If you import clothes in limited quantities to sell directly to end consumers, you can rely on some proven and successful methods, such as,

Opening a clothing store in a commercial area and equipping it properly to sell products (an expensive but preferable method).

2 – If the capacity of the shop less than the quantities imported from clothing, you can distribute some of them to neighboring shops at reasonable prices.

3 – You can make advertising offers on the front of the store to motivate the target customers passing in front of the shop to buy.

4 – You can work to get customer numbers and send messages WhatsApp new offers.

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