How To Import From India

import from india

Import from India

Export Town is a  leading manufacturing & trading company which is India based in New Delhi. We introduce ourselves as leading manufacturer & exporter of agriculture products and Readymade garments,  handicrafts, ladies bag, ceramic tiles to worldwide.

We are exporting goods from India we believe in long-term business with our valuable customers.

we specialize in providing a quality product which is selected best of the best to our customers and we are highly conscious & specific about quality & time frame services.

Why Import from India?

The costs of manufacturing are low in India compared to other areas of the world which mean you can benefit from lower costs compared to sourcing products closer to home. Whether you are buying off the shelf products that are made in India or choosing a supplier in India to manufacture your products, you’ll benefit from lower production costs which will improve your margin.

s the eighth largest export market for India, there are many options for shipping from India to the UK including air freight and sea freight services such as FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less than Container Load), which is a good option for businesses whose freight doesn’t fill a container.

In India, English is typically used as a business language, and the legal and administrative systems in India and UK, USA, etc are similar, which makes trading with India relatively simple.

How to Import from India

When importing from India to your country, all the usual rules will apply. Local regulations will vary but generally, you will need to fill in all the correct documentation, arrange to ship, clear Customs and pay the relevant duties. In the US, documentation usually consists of a commercial invoice detailing the product amounts, an arrival notice, an ocean or airway bill, a packing list,

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